Children’s Museum and Live Concert

Today we visited the the Children Museum in Cairo. We had two programmes with young children from ages 6 to 12 years old. We split into two groups and had games and meditations for the children both outside and inside the building! Outside, we sat under a beautiful tree that was blossoming with pink flowers. …

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SOS Children’s Village

Today was our first official workshop on this tour. We went to both SOS Children’s Village and Fitra, a wellness organisation. With SOS Children’s Village we had two workshops, one for the children and one for the staff, followed by a concert for all. For the children we played games and took them through a …

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Busy Cairo

The first five days here in Egypt have merged from one to the other into a whirlwind of taxi rides, meetings, cafés, more meetings, train rides, phone calls, even more meetings, and finally our first unofficial workshop two days ago with 26 young people from AISEC, a youth organization in Alexandria. Basically, the usual routine …

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