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Grassroots to International

Today we were invited to do a workshop with the staff members of UNICEF Morocco! Obviously this was quite exciting because of the prestige their name carries, so we spent most of the day planning out the workshop. We took a team of six to run the session at 3 pm. The workshop was initially …

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Snails, anyone?!

Hearing the Adaan (the muslim call to prayer), seeing people walk around in traditional clothing and experiencing new sights in small villages and big cities… Being in Morocco is quite amazing when I stop and think about it.  After today’s concert and programme, though,I did notice that at the same time I feel at home …

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Nagaike Nature Centre – Part2

After lunch we all gathered again at the serene and picturesque Nagaike Nature Park for another multicultural performance and meditation workshop. A kuchi pudi dance was performed followed by meditation and music in languages including English, Spanish, African, Hindi & Japanese.  The guests enjoyed the musical performances and participated by clapping and singing along.  The room …

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