Meditate to Regenerate is a non-profit organization that promotes meditation as a way to further lifelong learning for all. We offer the experience of mental silence meditation coupled with self-development workshops as well as music, dance and artistic performances. We have conducted meditation, music, and dance tours in the Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, USA and throughout the UK and the EU. The meditation experience that we teach is, and always will be completely free of charge.

Educational Support and Children’s Activities

Meditate to Regenerate spends a generous portion of its time training children in resilience strategies and giving them educational support. We regularly host programs for children where they engage in team-building games and exercises, watch cross-cultural performances, and participate in interactive classical music and dance workshops. In addition, we teach children simple meditation techniques to help them boost their ability to focus and attain to success in their academics. Studies have shown that regular meditation helps improve memory, attention, behavior, self-esteem, and overall physical and mental health. With these benefits, children who meditate are at a distinct advantage, and are thus far more likely to reach the global standards of education.


Free Meditation Workshops

We offer regular meditation workshops around the globe to help promote the understanding of mental silence and its benefits. If you are interested in having a workshop in your area please contact us at: info@meditatetoregenerate.org. For anyone who is interested in furthering their practice of meditation, but cannot attend one of our workshops in person, please try the meditation online at the website: www.onlinemeditation.org.


Culture and Concerts

Meditate to Regenerate features young musicians from all over the world who collaborate and conduct cross-cultural performances on an international level. These concerts include classical dance, Bollywood dance, fusion performances, qawwalis, and pop songs. We have performed all over the world in city centers including Istanbul, Vienna, Los Angeles, St. Petersburg, London, and Bombay. Our performances are for the public’s benefit, and are always free of charge. Meditate to Regenerate regularly perform on outdoor stages in main squares; however we will also occasionally play in halls and private venues. During the concert intermissions, we also give brief presentations on our organizations other activities, such as health programs, meditation classes, and literacy campaigns. These concerts can range from an hour to three hours depending on the venue.


Health and Wellness Workshops

In recent years, scientific evidence has shown that mental silence meditation can be used as a clinical modality to combat stress and thus promote wellness. In our effort to promote global health, Meditate to Regenerate offers lectures about the health benefits of mental silence coupled with the meditation experience. In addition, we help new practitioners of mental silence meditation know how to develop a sense of mastery over their meditation practice. For up to date research and full length, published journal articles on this topic, see the website: www.researchingmeditation.org