Some big news!

After the Japan project in 2014 we are once again in the middle of organizing our next trip to Jordan. This will be our 3rd project in Jordan and once again we will be around 23 youths from all over the globe, some even coming all the way from Australia.  Last tour we collaborated with …

A Day of Adventures

After having started the day late, we got lost in Zaatari. Our driver did not know where we were supposed to go for our workshop. We went to numerous child centres at the camp, until at last we were told we were expected. But we had been expecting some mothers and youths. Instead we were …

Zaateri camp

It was my first day on the tour and as we arrived to Zaateri camp, we saw the appalling conditions and the hardships the refugees have to go through, which really touched me, and at the same time outlined the importance of teaching meditation at this place. The first group of people we had a …

Jordan Tour Film

Here are some impressions of the Jordan Tour last April, enjoy!

Teaser Film

Latest news from our Jordan Blog: If you haven’t already, Watch the Jordan Tour Teaser now.  

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