Art Lounge, Cairo

September 7, 2015 Croiagh Jackman - No Comments

After feasting on a breakfast of fruit salad, crepes and nutella, those of us who remained at the flat started a weary yet inspired session of brainstorming and planning activities, introsoective exercises and balancing techniques for our programs over the next few days. We were treated to a delicious Egyptian lunch with our lovely neighbor and friend, Rania and her adorable baby Selim.

This is evenings workshop at art lounge was very nice and the concert was incredible. It is quite an intimate space so wev did not require a sound system or mics. I was sitting in the audience enjoying the songs as they really were at their best with full energy, the sweetness and happiness clearly visable on every single persons face in the room. I was surprised to see Ahmed (who we met last week) singing with the mediate to regenerate music crew and tapping on his knees to the rhythm of the drums, fitting in perfectly, as if he had been practicing with is for months. Mariam, another lovely Egyptian lady we have met on the tour, came again and took the stage at the end to sing an improvised Arabic song about peace in this region, explaining to the audience that we can only hope for peace in our world if we have peace within. We concluded with a nice meditation which people seemed to feel quite deeply after the music and dance.


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