Children’s Museum and Live Concert

September 2, 2015 Kamal Nair - No Comments

Today we visited the the Children Museum in Cairo. We had two programmes with young children from ages 6 to 12 years old. We split into two groups and had games and meditations for the children both outside and inside the building!

Outside, we sat under a beautiful tree that was blossoming with pink flowers. We had lots of space to play games with the children and we went through a small meditation. They seemed to really enjoy it. One said “I feel like my mum is holding me” while another said “I feel like a flower”.

After we had finished our programmes, all of us had a chance to take a tour of the children’s museum were we learnt about ancient Egyptian culture. We even got to dress up as ancient Egyptians all together.

Lastly we had the chance to perform and introduce a huge group of youth to meditation. So many people enjoyed while we performed dances, songs, and even played games with all of them. It was a very joyful programme full of energy and heartfelt music. Truly a programme to remember!