Creative Art Workshop and Children’s Museum Concert

September 5, 2015 Prasad Beaven - 1 Comment

Today we were split up into 3 groups; the first group which I was part of went to Darb to do a meditation workshop and an art programme. We left at 9AM for the first workshop which was at 11AM. Few people turned up but the small group that did were very interested, having already attended the concert and meditation the night before. We managed to go more in depth into chakras and the significance of the right side and left side with Isa explaining the different ways we can balance ourselves.

After a successful meditation workshop most of the people stayed for the Art programme which began at 4PM. We had not planned anything so we spontaneously decided to explore the natural landscape around us, rather then using a paper and pen, we used date branches, wood, sand and rocks to create a collective sculpture. The outcome was quite undefined but told a story of process, creativity and spontaneity.

We then went to the Childrens Museum for our concert. It was dark when we arrived and a few of the others were being interviewed by a children’s network. The concert went really well and the children really enjoyed the high energy levels. After our dances we sang two last upbeat songs in which all the children formed a big circle in front of us and started dancing.

We ended the the concert taking a big collective photo which continued for an hour with more then most of our cameras stored with numerous photos of everyone. The Organisation leaders of Squadra and the Childrens Museum thanked us generously for everything and we left feeling very positive.