First day with AIESEC

September 3, 2015 Matreya Ward - No Comments

Today was our first day with AIESEC. We met up with fifteen members. Finding the location of the workshop was difficult. In the end it was absolutely worth it as the people there were very open minded and open hearted. During the workshop we were able to explain some of the main ideas of meditation and they seemed to show a real interest in what we were saying. They seemed not only to be interested in the mediation but also in how the organization works and how we got together. At the end of the workshop they revealed that in their AIESEC events they do dances from different countries. They then proceeded to show us their dance, and we were able to join in. This was a very unique ending to one of our workshops as we ended up learning a dance from these guys. We got to know them better as we talked on the way to lunch.