I Found a New Me

September 8, 2015 Jigar Doshi - No Comments

“I found a new me”. One of the best responses I’ve heard on this tour so far. Alexandria has been different from Cairo in terms of weather, people and vibe since its located near the Mediterranean sea.

After a three hour bus ride we reached a very fancy wedding hall with lights from beneath the dance floor. Here AIESEC Alexandria helped us organise the workshop called ILEAD, focusing on the inner aspects of an ideal personality through meditation, introspection and self awareness.

The workshop started with an introduction by Niraja and followed by our famous name game. An interesting presentation on stress management enabled everyone to reflect within themselves and realise the frequency of their thoughts and state of mind. This was followed by a meditation after which Mohammed, an AIESEC member, shared his experience with everyone. He said, “I feel as if my mind is empty… Like there was a shield… And even though I forced my self to think, it just wasn’t happening”. Then a music workshop was conducted by Anna and Jivana, to which one of the participants shared, ”My migraine is gone.” We then had an hour lunch break.

The second half consisted of a few games related to team work and leadership. This was followed by group discussions related to the idea of an Ideal person. The workshop ended with a small meditation.

In the evening we had a concert on the beach with a massive stage right beside the sea. The crowd really enjoyed the colourful lights and were up dancing through the last few qawwalis and dances.









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