SOS, Alexandria

September 9, 2015 Mahesh Jakob - No Comments

This morning Sofia, Tara, Sadhu, Daisy, Lucia, Madhava, Kamal, Prasad, Jigar, Anand and I woke up with the hotel window open letting in a beautiful regenerating breeze from the see. Our first workshop of the day, was at a children’s village in Alexandria further in land.

We met with the director and stuff of the village then got introduced to the little boys between the ages 3-5 years. We all quickly became friends with the kids and shared a peaceful meditation and played very nice games, which the kids loved.

After the workshop we were invited to have lunch at the village. We were split up to three separate houses where a mother lived with three boys and two girls. We were surprised by the sweet hospitality of the family and the well treated children, who took great care of us and helped their mother with what ever they could, like bringing the dishes, plates and cutlery on the table.

After having a tremendous meal of chicken, arabic rice, vegetables, and other traditional egypten food, we were shown the beautiful garden which the family kept behind their house. They had a number of vegetables and fruits, like bananas, guava and corn.

After this lovely afternoon with the children we headed towards the sea to gain some quality time for ourselves and enjoy a footsoak.

At 7 pm we had a follow up workshop at the teatro Alexandria with participant who were mostly artists. We enjoyed quite a deep meditate and were able to discuss the experiences from the participants who were very positive and receptive.








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