SOS Children’s Village

September 1, 2015 Niraja Ward - No Comments

Today was our first official workshop on this tour. We went to both SOS Children’s Village and Fitra, a wellness organisation. With SOS Children’s Village we had two workshops, one for the children and one for the staff, followed by a concert for all. For the children we played games and took them through a simple meditation technique. They were quite rowdy throughout, but after doing the meditation we asked them to sit for a while as Anand played the guitar, and they were surprisingly calm for those three minutes. The staff also enjoyed our workshop, which was more detailed than the kids one. Most said they felt really good at the end, so we have been asked to come back which we will do over the next two weeks. The concert was our first one, so maybe a little shaky, but that did not seem to bother the children who were trying to climb on the stage to perform and dance with us!

The workshop at Fitra was a different event. Most of the people that attended it were youth and young adults, so the focus was on meditation and health. We took them through the meditation technique we use, followed by an introduction to balancing techniques and how we can use elements to improve ourselves. They enjoyed the meditation and were eager to know more about it, resulting in a half an hour discussion at the end.

All in all, the day was quite enjoyable!