The New Family

September 11, 2015 Croiagh Jackman - No Comments

Sitting at our makeshift dining table eating the delicious Baskin and Robins ice cream cake that was brought by one of our guests to our dinner party, I’m reminded of all of the beautiful people that we have come to be friends with in Egypt in this short time. The 11th of September started with a small group of us heading out to conduct a stress relief meditation for the staff of the Cairo Save the Children office. We were met there by one of our new friends Islam, who volunteered to come with us to help with Arabic translations. The session was nice. The attendees had many questions about the techniques and how they could use it for themselves and the kids they work with. They also requested us to come back and conduct workshops for the children when we return to Cairo.
Our next workshop was at the Swiss Club in the afternoon to be followed by a concert. Islam suggested we travel there in the bus to get more of a feel for real- life in Cairo so we excitedly walked and sweated our way to the bus stop where we were pulled into a little bus with torn seats. The trip was quick, easy and hassle free and we just made it in time for the workshop.

After some Swiss food and a little concert with a perfect sounds system, half of the group went home to start preparations for dinner and the rest stayed to explore the area with Islam and Jimmy, another new friend we had been seeing at our programs everyday for the last week. we walked through a market, drank Sopia (a local coconut and milk drink) and had a 3 tuk-tuk race back to the main road. it was really nice to be out and about at night but we were also keen to get back to host our guests for dinner.
Tara and Ines (…and chopping team) had prepared a delicious pasta feast and the house was looking very clean and tidy. When people started arriving it was lovely. We played games, laughed, chatted, watched the Sous sisters new k-pop dance and ate our fill. It was so lovely the way everyone was so easy and comfortable with each other, as one of our new friends exclaimed, ” its like when you visit your family house”. It was a sad goodbye for Ahmed, one of the guys who had wholeheartedly joined the M2R team after a few days of meeting him. As he excused himself at the door, he turned and said “if I stay for 5 more minutes I will start crying”. It occurred to me then how amazing it is to feel such a sweet and deep connection with people that on the outside we knew very little about and I felt very lucky to be part of this beautiful movement. We finished the evening off with a sweet little collective mediation with our remaining guests.

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