Concert at the Embassy of India, Tokyo

April 24, 2014 Shalini Ines Ward - No Comments

Today is the day! The day of our biggest concert! so we started it in style by sleeping in till 10am. No one showed up for breakfast, we were all making the most of the first late start in a long time.

Eventually we gathered and once some food had been found amongst our supplies, we turned our attention to the most important item on our agenda: the Bhangra Dance.

Bhangra is an energetic dance style from the Punjab area in India, performed by both girls and boys. We have amongst us an expert bhangra dancer and teacher, Ram.

We pulled out the speakers, cleared the living room area and the rehearsals started. Two hours later it was already time to go into town.

Going into Tokyo city is not like heading into your normal city – it’s gigantic. First we have to catch a bus. So picture us yelling to get everyone out of the seminar house and running to catch the bus. Next we have about three train journeys, where we have to buy tickets for 21 people at each change. The stations and trains are always full. Its a miracle that none of us got lost or left behind.

So after commuting into Tokyo for 2.5 hours we reached our concert venue, the Indian consulate. There was just enough time for another bhangra rehaersal (to nail down the last steps) and some sound checks before our audience started trickling into the room

The concert started with a beautiful Indian Bhajan. After a few songs we passed on to the meditation part that was led by Sulu. There was a profound silence in the hall that lasted for a few minutes while we all meditated. Then one of our audience members told us “I felt like I was floating under a blue sky”. We then had a few more songs and dance performances from Shan Shan, Yulia and Sofia. Before we knew it our time was up. We were enjoying ourselves so much on stage we forgot to keep track of time.

The concert ended with the Bhangra group dance which was a great success and singing the well known Qawali – Dam Mast Qalandar. The audience enjoyed it so much and applauded for a long time.that they applaused for a long time. 

After we were all in such a good mood we just didn’t want to leave. We got the consulate staff to take group photos of us and we offered Vandana, Hitochi, Sawako and Mako some presents we had brought for them.

Even though we were due an early start the next day none of us wanted to go back to the Seminar house just yet. We all went out and enjoyed the vibes of the city for a bit.  We finally made it back to our accommodation at 1am. A looooong day but what a day!


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