Cultural Concert and Tour, Ibaraki

April 26, 2014 julia - No Comments

We began our Saturday with breakfast at Seminar House and straight after our Tour Bus took us to Ibaraki. It was a 3 hours journey. We all felt such a relief to be in the countryside among rice fields, greenery and hills after high-tech speedy Tokyo :). We felt such peace and harmony in the landscape, and then we by chance found a small Buddha temple, made from marble, on our way.

An amazing lunch was organized for us by the local center called Jinenjo club that helps people with different disabilities. It is a group of people that included a Hungarian-Canadian lady. The rice that we had for lunch was also from their organic farm. They also hold painting courses, as well as Japanese traditional dance and drum classes. Together with students we performed together a concert – one hour later. But just before we prepared ourselves, we had some time to play with Soda, a Hungarian-Canadian-Japanese boy, and son of our hosts. He was an absolutely adorable and beautiful child, and of such a mixed nature!

A fully packed and cosy amphitheater was waiting for us. We started with joyful Indian bhajans, followed by ‘Jogawa’ and a meditation experience, led by Lenin. We were then melted in Nicki’s singing shlokas and relaxed in meditation, our audience watched last item in silence in peace. It was conducted together with musicians. The ‘three great mantras’ in sacred language Sanskrit, in Kuchi Pudi style was performed by me with a great pleasure. Mantras are about strong energies which are within us and all around together with Indian classical choreography was a beautiful final of our concert.

Our audience wanted to give something for us in a gratitude and students of Jinenjo club performed for us little Japanese drama peace, followed by Taiko – traditional Japanese drums. We were all invited to the stage to play music together, mix of Indian – Japanese sounds and melodies filled the atmosphere.

Still it was not the end of all the surprises we got as we were taken to the beautiful hotel in the middle of Sakura blossoms park and hills! What a beauty it was to watch sunset from the balcony of our rooms after having traditional Japanese Ofuro bath and donning Yukata robes. It was an amazing day, with amazing experiences, and we are all immersed in joy after exploring Japan and slowly unfolding it’s culture.


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