School and University in Tokyo

April 25, 2014 lenin - No Comments

Friday was a busy day as we had two workshops scheduled. It was a sunny Japanese spring morning when we all ventured to an elementary school in rural Tokyo.

We set up the musical instruments in the assembly hall and by 10.30am had around 200 children of all ages sitting in front of us, all placed in perfect order. We started with a few Bhajans such as Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh, Ranga de Jinni and went on to play some games, and by the end had Nicki Wells integrating in with the children and passing the microphone around so they could sing parts of the chorus in ‘Isiliye’. For the finale we performed a Bhangra dance which went down a treat. The principal and all the children were so grateful and thankful for us coming to their school and performing.

After a glorious sushi train lunch we went to another part of Tokyo where Mhenu had organised a performance and jamming session with university friends at her college. We turned up without any expectations and actually without much idea about what type of a program it would turn out to be.  We had an audience of about fifteen students, all similar ages to us, who were from all over the world and were there studying Japanese culture. As seems to be a recurrent theme, we spontaneously came up with a program of Bhajans, Self-Realisation, and Shlokas which had such deep vibrations. We could see the change in their faces after the mediation and some felt very strong vibrations. Then to our surprise they had some songs which they sung for us, a Japanese number called ‘Hello’ and a classic: ‘Country Road’. We returned with a volley of ‘Jerusalem Jerusalem’ and ‘Siya Humba’ and it was on! We all sung together and then played some games. When we had to leave there were tears of joy and sadness which seemed to spread like wildfire between the girls. It was such a joyful experience to interact with people our age as we could freely talk about spirituality, share opinions and share musical talents.

On a vibrational high, we went for dinner and came home by 2am ready for some good earned rest. 


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