From The Streets of Kyoto

May 2, 2014 suman - No Comments

Today we had the last event on our official program schedule. In the morning we headed to the Wings building near Kyoto station, where we had a meditation workshop.

It was really beautiful and everyone could enjoy the peace together. While in Tokyo we were so busy doing concerts and workshops in Kyoto we had more time to focus on inner growth and bond. The venue was a seminar room, so we had to move all the tables to make space for everyone to sit comfortably. At the end we returned it to the original state, by consulting the provided layout of the table arrangement. When we were just about to leave the room, they called us to make sure everything was returned properly and on time! Japanese efficiency at its best.

From there on, we went out to get some souvenirs from the electronic shop, and everyone split up to get lunch at the station. The cook was baffled when our members swarmed the counter to get good shots of the ready-to-eat Okonomiyaki! When we all waited in front of the station to meet up again, some students asked Prasad to take a picture with them. Nancy invited them to do a short Meditation. They were totally up for it, and when we lifted our hands over our heads, one of them got really excited and said “There’s a strong pull at the top of my head!” before we even asked what they felt. They all had a lot of fun communicating with us.

As we were still waiting someone said they were going to the restroom and I was going to join them when suddenly Sheng-Chia grabbed my hand and insisted I come with her. I pointed at the reclining backs of the others “but I want to go too…” However, she was determined so I followed her. And then she suddenly really wanted Matcha Latte, so we went to a certain coffee shop to get it and I was wondering at the un-Sheng-Chia-like behavior. When we got back, everyone gathered in a circle and they asked me to stand in the middle… They had prepared a gift for me!! Sheng-Chia’s sudden strong-mindedness was a ruse to buy them time to buy me a beautiful bowl! It was so unexpected I did not know what to say at all! I was so happy, although I honestly didn’t feel like I did much. Everyone was so sweet.

From there, I ventured to retrieve my netbook. I had forgotten it at the youth hostel in the bustle of getting everyone and everything into the taxis (and out of the bathtubs) several days before. A quaint busride had me back there, where I had the chance to thank the staff once more. I got back to the hotel just in time to catch up with Rennie and Nathan who were heading out for dinner. At the end of a beautiful night stroll through Kyoto’s streets, we ended up at an Italian restaurant, of all places, and felt oddly extravagant with our Pizza and Coffee. So many good memories!


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