Journey and Arrival in Kyoto

April 29, 2014 jun yan - No Comments

What an amazing day we had, having visited the Zen temple at Kamakura and sightseeing and foot soaking at the beach at Hase. It was time for us to leave Yokohama Kokusai Hotel and travel to Kyoto through a night bus. We had our own dinner and were waiting at the bus station for an hour for our bus. While waiting for the bus, some of us were bored and started doing some kind of flash mob Bhangra dance we practiced before. Suddenly two random Japanese people started following our dance moves. Right halfway through the song, a security guard told us off and we had to stop the performance as we were making so much noise as it is almost midnight and that we were blocking the pathway of the passenger. After all that fun filled joy, the security guard was amazed at why we were having a mix of nationalities in our group and we told him that we were a group of different countries joined together to organize the Japan tour, meditate to regenerate. We also gave him information about meditation. After that, we took the night bus to Kyoto and slept through all the way. 

By the time we arrived our destination, it was around 7.20am. We were all well rested and ready to go. Upon arriving Hanazono Station, we took a taxi to Utano Youth Hostel located not far from where we are in the map. Once we reached, we started registration and was told to put our luggages in a private room as we were only able to check in at around 3pm after lunch. After settling down, we were told that the kitchen will be available, so some of us went bike riding to get groceries for lunch and dinner while some were resting at the lobby area. Around 1pm, it was lunch time and we started cooking our own lunch in the kitchen provided. We had beef Bolognese for lunch with capsicum and carrot as salad sticks. Once we were done with lunch, we started checking in and had about two hour for ourselves to clean up and rest till 5pm meditation. During meditation, we took the time to foot soak and cleanse ourselves before the evening programs starts. After meditation, we moved to the meeting room to do a quick music rehearsal before the program start. 

During the program, Sofia from Spain led the introduction while Bingen from Spain to give an introduction to meditation. Suman from Austria was our Japanese translator for the program. There were many foreigners watching the performance. One of the old Japanese men was amazed and took a video camera recorded closely on how Ram from Austria was playing the drum instrument called the tabla. Throughout the performance, we sang some bhajan such as Rang De Jhini, Jogawa, Namami and Pyar Bare. Before the end of the program, we had one final performance of Indian classical dance called Kuchipudi by Julia from Finland. At the end of the program, there were two Japanese ladies who were interested in meditation and we managed to give them self realization.

After the program around 9pm, it was dinner time and we had to cook our own dinner. We had Japanese curry chicken with miso soup and chai tea. After dinner, we clean up the place and relax in the kitchen and played a card game named Bang! Later on, we went to bed to regenerate ourselves for the next activity which is sightseeing around Kyoto the next day.


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