Kindergarten in Minamiosawa

April 22, 2014 nathan - No Comments

We started the day to the beautiful rising sun and made our way to the Kindergarten in the Minamiosawa area of Tokyo.

The program started with the cute four year old kindergarten students who came running and giggling into the rooms. They yelled out “konichiwa!” loudly. We performed songs for the children and a dance that was both interactive and educational. The children participated in all the songs by clapping and singing along.

We played some games with the children where we clapped a rhythm and they repeated it back to us. This was followed by a musical scale game where we would jump and the children sang in the appropriate note. We then sang some fast songs and some of the M2R girls had the opportunity to dance with the children. The children danced around and jumped, not necessarily in any formation but they just enjoyed the energetic atmosphere. The children then returned to their classes after shaking our hands, giving hi-five slaps and contagious smiles and yelling out “arrigato gozaimus”

After the four year olds left, we were joined by the five year old Kindergarten students. Once again we performed our songs and dances for the children. When it came to the musical and clapping games, the older children interacted and responded with much more enthusiasm. There was louder applause, singing, dancing and lots of giggling. Through music we were able to relax the children and teach them how to concentrate on sounds.

The teachers and staff then invited us to join them for tea and snacks. We sat on children’s chairs around small colourful tables and enjoyed the drinks and snacks. The teachers appreciated the experience and said they felt “calm and content” after the workshop/presentation. This was a truly enjoyable experience or the Meditate to Regenerate team and the school children and staff as well.