Meditation and Concert in Kyoto

May 1, 2014 Sulu Dunphy - No Comments

This was the first day we were able to sleep in after several early mornings and unspeakably late nights. 

The boys took full advantage and slept in until 11am, while the girls got up earlier and began planning the day. Once the group finally convened, we had a wonderful meditation and began practicing for our program. We had a lovely time practicing and singing together, and felt confident about our plan for the evening. 

Upon arriving and setting up, we found that the building had strict rules regarding noise and required us to keep the door closed while conducting the program. This prevented us from drawing more audience members in, however a young university student joined at the start of the program. 

We started with a few cultural songs and Rennie taught the meditation portion of the program. The young girl who had walked in looking quite nervous in the beginning now seemed completely relaxed. She sat with her eyes closed for several songs, and once we began to sing Qawalis she couldn’t help but join in and clap along. 

Our group sung such an unbelievable set of Qawalis led by Nicki, and the whole room could barely keep their seats. Each and every one of us were smiling ear to ear, singing our hearts out, and clapping with such enthusiasm that it seemed we were causing the very walls to vibrate. Every single person in the room felt the intensity of these moments while we sang, and could not control the amount of joy we felt just being there together. 

By the end of it, we exchanged contact details with the young girl and took a big group photo together. We all left feeling completely and utterly satisfied.

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