Nagaike Nature Centre – Part2

April 19, 2014 nathan - No Comments

After lunch we all gathered again at the serene and picturesque Nagaike Nature Park for another multicultural performance and meditation workshop. A kuchi pudi dance was performed followed by meditation and music in languages including English, Spanish, African, Hindi & Japanese. 

The guests enjoyed the musical performances and participated by clapping and singing along. 

The room was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy which brought tears of happiness to some of the members who attended. 

After the program we spoke with the guests and they shared their experiences with us. Many of the guests felt a sense of inner peace and contentment within themselves while listening to the music and participating in the meditation workshop. We shared light snacks and continued talking till the afternoon. There was a feeling of joy and peace within the room. 

We later made our way into Tokyo City, enjoyed a Chinese dinner and visited the famous & very busy Shibuya junction and Shinjuku Tower Observatory which gave us an insight into the unique and amazing world that is Tokyo!