Zaateri camp

October 21, 2013 anton - No Comments

It was my first day on the tour and as we arrived to Zaateri camp, we saw the appalling conditions and the hardships the refugees have to go through, which really touched me, and at the same time outlined the importance of teaching meditation at this place.

The first group of people we had a workshop with consisted mainly of men in their thirties, and the “icebreaker” name game, however childish it is, cheered them up and made the atmosphere much more relaxed. After another game we started the meditation part and most of the men seemed to have really enjoyed it! We didn’t expect they would be so interested and they kept asking questions about the subtle system and some were even taking notes.

The second group was different as we had around 30 giggling kids who came after playing football and were a bit agitated. They were really nice though, and after trying the meditation they really felt the impact and were happy to when they felt cool breeze not only above their heads but also above other kids’ heads.