Amman Children’s Museum Programme

April 10, 2015 Maya Uzunow - 1 Comment

As our concert wasn’t to begin until 5pm, we were able to put extra effort into our song and dance rehearsals in the morning. Following a focused morning meditation we split into our respective acts and had several hours of practice.

This turned out to be exactly what we needed because the venue we performed at was definitely the most formal so far in our tour. The Amman Children’s Museum sits on top of one the mountains surrounding the city and is filled with all kinds of colorful and interactive exhibits. Ranging from human biology to plants and animals, we were excited to explore a bit after performing!

By the time we were ready to begin there were nearly 150 kids and parents waiting for us. Throughout the songs and dances everyone was clapping along and joining in on the melodies, creating a joyful and energetic atmosphere. Everyone got to join in at least one act in the concert and we all felt a lovely collective environment where our teamwork was definitely what made the performance so much fun.

The meditation we held for the kids created a nice balance to the fun and fast songs. They responded very well to the experience, with my favorite part being their cute little faces focusing on following along with the affirmations and hand movements during the exercise. It’s always so nice to hear their responses when we ask them what they felt. Amazingly, everyone describes similar sensations of cool or warm breezes or tingles on their fingers. The kids are always amazed at the breeze they feel on the top of their heads, their eyes sparkling with wonder.

By the time the concert was over we had made contacts with a couple of the parents and hopefully we’ll be in touch with them soon! I was also so touched at the helpfulness and kindness of the staff at the museum. Jordanian people seem to have a special quality of hospitality whereby whatever you need they find a way to make it happen. All our musical and otherwise requests were so easily addressed, it helped everything to flow smoothly and easily.