An Evening of International Culture

March 7, 2015 Sulu Dunphy - No Comments

Meditate to Regenerate is proud to present an evening of cultural music, singing, spoken word, and dance for your entertainment to share the arts of our various international backgrounds. This evening will feature a unique fusion of Eastern and Western artistic contributions ranging from Indian Classical music performances, to modern acoustic guitar. Among other artists to be featured will be acclaimed singer Nicki Wells, who has performed in prestigious venues from London’s Royal Albert Hall to Sydney’s Royal Opera House. Dance performances will include contemporary pieces and Indian classical Bharata Natyam. This will be a beautifully diverse evening with young up-and-coming talent from around the world! A perfect opportunity for a Mother’s Day celebration! We welcome you to join us and to bring your friends & family along.

Please download your free ticket here.

This April 2015, we will be returning to Jordan for the third time to work with Save the Children and teach meditation and stress management techniques to refugees, school children, and parents. All our work and activities are done free of charge and are offered voluntarily.

The Middle East has historically been a land of great learning and spirituality, though it is also a land stricken by conflict. The repeated division and conquest of territories has created enormous historic grievances that have spawned recurring cycles of violence, fuelled by a continued sense of injustice. It is not until individuals can set aside their inner unrest at the circumstances that surround them, that peace can be achieved between peoples. Meditate to Regenerate has been working for many years now to spread the techniques of Self Realisation and a state of Inner Peace throughout countries in the Middle East, including Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. We aim to spread the methods of meditation, stress management, and trauma-relief so that the rifts between people can begin to heal. We have seen positive results throughout our projects and have especially seen steady results with refugee camps in Jordan.

In order for Meditate to Regenerate to continue our work in Jordan, we need your help and support!

As an NGO staffed by volunteers, we operate through donations and charitable contributions. If you enjoy the evening, we would be most grateful for any donations made. 

If you are not able to attend the event in person, we kindly appreciate online donations at the following link:

For more information about Meditate to Regenerate and our activities, please do visit