Back with Save The Children

April 13, 2015 Shalini Ines Ward - No Comments

Our past Jordan Tour was spent working with Save The Children, so we were excited to work with them again, as they are a NGO that does amazing and vital work here in Jordan.

We took a bus, all our instruments and costumes to the Save The Children centre in Al Mfraq. We arrived at a beautiful house with gardens, a playground and a football pitch (which was great as Prasad had brought a football with him), an oasis of calm. The building had a few rooms inside, and lovely drawings and paintings all over the wall. One drawing was of a gun with a red circle and dash across, no guns allowed.

This Save The Children centre looks after Syrian refugee children and aims to provide them with some education. We were greeted by about 60 children, all eager and trying to sit as close up to us as possible.

Our concert was very similar to what we have been doing over the past days, a few dances and songs and some meditation in the middle. The kids and the staff loved it! They had never seen a harmonium before, or heard Qawwalis or seen a Chinese fusion dance. Everything we performed was so new to them. The music also attracted the kids who were studying next door, who had development difficulties.

At the end all the children converged on us to chat with us, thank us, give us hugs and high fives and take some photos all together. They were such well-behaved kids, so cute and interested. They felt the meditation deeply. We ourselves had so much fun performing, and that was reflected in the overall atmosphere, everyone had a huge smile on their face by the time we finished.

The Save the Children staff also enjoyed our performances. Alaa who had organized the concert said “after conducting the session it was amazing, I’m so happy to see the children smile, especially as they are Syrian and they really suffer from the war there so I was so happy to see smiles on their faces”.

We spent the afternoon doing workshops at a different Save The Children centre with their staff. We had about 60 people split in two groups. The idea was to show them how they can get relief and peace.

These staff members provide comfort and support to refugee children who are in difficult situations. But this often leaves these staff members emotionally drained and exhausted, hence the importance of these workshops with them.

We did some games to make them forget about their worries and then taught them how to meditate and spent some time discussing with them. The feedback we got was positive, we were told “Thank you! I really liked that”, and “This is really good”.

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