Dead Sea Time

April 4, 2015 Matreya Ward - No Comments

We find ourselves once again in Amman on a Meditate to Regenerate project. Some of us have come before, for others this will be a new experience. One thing is sure, we are all thrilled to be here.

We have rented two flats to squeeze us all in during our time here. There is a Seven Eleven shop just down the road which is great, especially as they sell data sim cards, so we can stay in touch with everyone. 

Imagine waking up to the sound of a guitar and recorder medley played live. This is the exact experience some of the boys had when they were struggling to wake up in the morning. After a peaceful meditation and a slightly rushed breakfast we were on our way to the Dead Sea. The hour-long journey was made short by the constant laughter and games that were played and fun we had.

When we reached the resort that would be hosting us for the afternoon, we made our way to the beach and were confronted by a most amazing scene. We had clear blue skies and the sea looked beautiful some the hills in the background. With the sun high in the sky we proceeded to mud up and float in the extremely salty water.

We got back some of us started to practice singing a few songs and dancing. This session was all about figuring out small details that would make the performance as enjoyable as possible. The flat came alive as almost the entire group learnt the bhangra dance that we are going to perform.

Mud cleansing at the Dead Sea