Children’s Friends Center in Amman

April 12, 2015 Sulu Dunphy - No Comments

We woke up bright and early to catch our bus to the Children’s Friends Center in Amman. This center specifically cares for children who come from abusive families, and as such, the children had noticeably different needs.

Our first program was with a group of thirty children, all around 5 years old. Looking into the eyes of these beautiful and demure children, it was extremely difficult to imagine the type of environment they came from. We played games with them and they seemed very happy to share their names and favorite foods, and did not seem shy in any sense. They also truly enjoyed one of our musical games, and had no trouble getting into a dancing mood with all of us. They laughed easily, and participated with huge smiles on their faces. For the meditation portion of the session, the children fell into complete silence. We led a simple meditation using the analogy of flowers growing in each of the energy centers. We told them that the more peace, love, and contentment they could feel, the more the flowers would open and the more the energy would rise to the top of their head. Many children raised their hands afterwards saying that they felt cool on top of their head, and tingling. We taught them how to raise their energy and give themselves a “rainbow” of protection, and a child then volunteered to show their classmates how to do it. We all felt such joy seeing that the children understood the exercises, and were able to meditate. We closed the session by giving them sweets, and teaching them to share with each other. We all felt very peaceful and satisfied after the session, and prepared for the next program.

The following program was with a group of 4 year olds, and this group definitely had different needs. The children were much more shy to speak, and one small boy refused to participate in any of the activities. We learned that with some of these children, we had to wait until they felt comfortable to approach us, rather than approach them. This group was also a bit more reluctant with any physical contact, such as holding on to each other to make a train for our musical game. By the end of this session, many of them meditated and felt cool on top of their heads. A few of the children had difficulty, and we really felt in our hearts that they wanted and needed to feel safe. We emphasized how they could use this energy to feel safe and protected.

We closed our day at the Children’s Friends Center with a lively concert, and got many of the children to get up and dance with us around the room. They thoroughly enjoyed the dances, and were cheering throughout each performance. We took a few group photos, and really felt such open hearts after meeting with these children. Many of us struggled when thinking of their environments, and what hardships these children have endured at such a young age. In the end, it reaffirmed why Meditate to Regenerate does wellness & meditation programs in the first place. To bring joy, and give a sense of safety and security for those in need. Most importantly of all, we aim to bring this security and positivity to children so they can grow to live the lives they really deserve to have.

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