Staff workshops with Save the Children, at the Mahata Community Center

April 14, 2015 Shan Shan - No Comments

The weather today was incredible compared to the past three days. We finally had the sun above our heads!

After the concert in the morning, we stayed at the Mahata Community Center, sponsored by Save The Children. We ran two parallel workshops with Save the Children staff members to show them the techniques of meditation as well as ways of dealing with the children in the refugee camps. Once again, we split into two groups of 20 people per team, (team potato and team tomato). There were not as many people as usual so we could give them more individual attention. Some of the staff had already done workshops with us in the past, so we introduced some new balancing techniques and de-stressing methods (foot soaking) to them so they can apply them to their daily lives. A lot of them deal with many stressful situations and really felt the need and the benefits of practicing meditation and incorporating into their daily life. we also gave them some basic meditation techniques to teach to the children. We aimed the techniques towards making the children feel more secure and safe in any situation.

Both the workshops were very successful. Every time we do workshops, there is always so much gratitude and open heartedness from everyone attending. “Welcome to Jordan” is the common quote in every introduction and at the end of every session. The people in Jordan are always eager to find out how we feel about Jordan and how much we like being here. All of us really enjoy being in this country even if there are no established groups here for meditation. However, establishing meditation here is the fun part. We see so much potential in the future generation here, especially the children, which leads us to the final programme of the day in a Jadal Cultural Centre in Amman.

The children were waiting patiently in the theatre hall when we arrived. They expected us to have a performance with them, but our entire group was split up as we had another programme running simultaneously with Loyac (Leaders of ….) , a youth organization. We had the usual children’s workshop with the kids in the cultural centre. We added on a drawing workshop where the children were asked to draw with the following topics: ‘What do you envision for the future?’, ‘Generosity’ and ‘World Peace’. The drawings produced by the children were very sweet and some were very touching. This little boy wrote a poem to his dad in Arabic and he translated it to us saying “Dad, I love it when you help me, it makes me very happy; Dad, Dad, I love you.”