Visiting the Global Network for Rights and Development

April 15, 2015 Anjani McHugh - No Comments

On April the 15th, six member of our group went to the headquarters of the ‘Global Networks for Rights and Development’. We were approached by them after they saw our website, asking us to conduct a workshop for their staff and some of their volunteers. Most of the participant were women that had very inspiring visions about the future. After a short introduction about the role that meditation plays in human rights and development, we continued with some group activities which everyone really enjoyed.

Conducting this workshop was a real joy, all the participants showed such an interest in meditation and all the different techniques that can be used to balance oneself. They felt comfortable to ask questions and discuss different situations in their lives where meditation could be helpful. The fact that all the participants understood english and we could talk freely without a translator was also really refreshing.

At the end of the session, we handed out participation certificates to every member. Having them thank us for the workshop with big smiles on their faces was really rewarding.

In the afternoon we conducted workshops at two youth organizations, I-Dare and LoYAC. We finished off the day visiting downtown Amman guided by one of our local friends we met on our previous Jordan tours.