The Mega Concert

November 2, 2017 Virat Raj - No Comments

02/11/2017: Amman, Jordan

The day started with a beautiful 6AM collective meditation. After a meagre breakfast of well-arranged fruit, the ‘Save the Children’ vehicle arrived to transport us to Makani centres in Abu Nussier and Wadi Alsier.

The group in Abu Nussier enjoyed and open-air concert with children of all ages. This school had around 100 students, mainly from Syria, Jordan and Egypt. The teachers explained to us the importance of meditation in improving the attention of the children and they were enthusiastic about repeating the exercises in future.

Meanwhile, in Wadi Alsier, the M2R team ran two workshops, the first with children aged 5-10 and the second with ages 11-15. There was a lot of joy and laughter from the children. They enjoyed the meditation so much that one of the girls said she would like to share it with her parents when she went home.

The M2R groups both met at the Makani centre in Swelih after lunch to have a grand concert. This included two dances and all the songs we had prepared! We also finally performed the bhangra dance which we had been preparing and it went really well.

The children were very quiet and attentive so it was a pleasure to share the meditation with them. Although they were a bit shy at the beginning, by the end of the concert every child was dancing and participating in the songs along with the singing group. Even the support staff joined in and had a wonderful time. This was definitely the most joyful concert that we have had so far!

Ben told me that he felt particularly moved during the concert when he realised what an amazing moment we had been allowed to experience – sharing music and meditation with such innocent children under the afternoon sun in Jordan. We were all far from home and finding it difficult to remember exactly how we ended up here – but of course it didn’t matter because we were grateful to experience it.

The team dropped us back off at the flat and we proceeded to relax and drink Jordanian coffee (yum!). The day ended with a delicious dinner, bhangra practice, bhajan practice and my first early night!

My most memorable experience of the day was looking up at the sky while singing with the kids. I was struck by how vast and clear it was – like a massive void absorbing the music and echoes of the laughter of children. It made me feel blissfully insignificant but at the same time I had a deep sense of purpose.

– Sushila Marlow