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30/10/2017: Amman, Jordan

Today we went to do workshops with the staff at the NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council) headquarters in Amman. The aim was to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to run independent programs in the refugee camps where they work.

A parallel program was held with the same organisation in Irbid.

The first meditation had a mixed response but after the second meditation the staff felt more silent inside. This illustrated one of the central themes of our discussion about how meditation is like a muscle or an instrument – it gets better the more you use it. This was followed by a few games and a discussion on the left and right side.

Next, we enjoyed Jordanian hospitality in the form of a massive lunch, which was great – I love the food from this side of the world. Lunch was followed by more games to wake us up from our food comas, and of course to make the session more interactive. This was fairly successful on both counts.

By the last session our newly trained NRC staff were, in theory, ready to run their own programs! After some positive responses and a really enjoyable day, we felt that we were ready to head home and call it a night.

I found it very easy to meditate in the second session. While sitting with everyone in silence, I found this was so peaceful and joyful that I didn’t want to continue with the program, I just wanted to stay in that moment forever. I could be completely satisfied with all of us sitting there for my entire life!

As part of a discussion, each member of the M2R team spoke about why they meditate. Ganesh’s answer really stuck with me today. He said that he meditates so he can know the Truth – the Truth of one’s Self. Everyday you deal with the past and the future – “I’ve done this, I have to do that”, everything comes from outside, but how do you know it is the Truth? Only when you are in the present moment, listening to your Self, can you know the Truth.

– Benjamin Morgan