We Are All One

October 30, 2017 Virat Raj - No Comments

29/10/2017: Amman, Jordan

M2R is extremely thrilled to be back in Jordan for its fourth tour!

Unlike previous years, the majority of us are experiencing the beauty of Jordan for the very first time. Only two tour members have previously participated in this tour, which encourages us to feel we can provide this year’s tour with a fresh perspective, while building on the success that has been achieved in previous years.

The day kicked off with a beautiful meditation and hot masala chai. Few of us had to dash off for meetings with the Norwegian Refugee Council and Save the Children, while the others stayed back to practise for our cultural programme, which took place later the same day.

This being my first time visiting Jordan, I have been soaking every detail, eager to experience as much of the culture as possible. Our meetings went smoothly and we felt grateful for the excellent organisation and support the two organisations are providing us with. We discussed the logistics for tomorrow’s programmes and visits to refugee camps. As someone who has worked extensively with asylum-seekers and refugees, I am particularly keen to spread the sustainable benefits of meditation to refugee camps. We finished the meetings feeling reassured and full of excitement.

Back at the flat, we were warmly welcomed with scrumptious home-made lunch, laughter and excitement about our upcoming performance. We quickly got ready, divided ourselves into groups and made our way out to Jadal Cultural Centre.

We performed a combination of songs in Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit and English and conducted several meditation sessions in between. Singing and meditating together brought so much joy and yet, we were unprepared for the overwhelming response from the public. Once the programme finished, we got to meet everyone in person, which served as a stark reminder of the reasons behind these tours.

Few girls shared with me the deep experiences they had during the programme and asked us to come to Jordan more regularly. One girl exclaimed with relief that prior to this evening, she did not know her mind was capable of achieving stillness and peace.

I was particularly touched by the insights of one girl, who said tonight’s meditation helped her understand and accept herself better, as she had always felt that one’s true self is much more than what people perceive. She further explained that she now feels she can carry the connection of meditation with her everywhere she goes and she sees it manifested in the nature around her. Lastly, she smiled and concluded: “We are all one”.

– Boryana Karakoleva