A Green Hand for all of Lebanon

September 20, 2011 madhu - No Comments

Day 20 – The beauty of Meditate to Regenerate is that because it shows how to bring inner development at the core of every organisation, it can work in a wide variety of contexts. Therefore today we held a workshop with Green Hand, an environmental, social and cultural NGO that works at the heart of communities all over Lebanon.

Attending our workshop were members of Green Hand’s staff, as well as members from other NGOs and local government which were sharing offices. The session was held on the top floor of the building and the wide windows allowed us to enjoy the lively scenery: hustling traffic in the town’s busy streets, red rooftops protecting the dwellers from a baking sun and in the background, the majestic silhouettes of the lebanese mountains. After the presentation, guided meditation, and a few songs, all the volunteers paired up with the workshop participants to ensure they could all achieve this peaceful state of meditation. In the end, each one of them had experienced something new, something peaceful, something regenerating.

We’re on MTV!!! (actually… it thankfully stands for Murr Television)

Once again, Meditate to Regenerate was invited to go back on TV, and so we sent four of our members to the MTV studio in Beirut. This time, it was to be invited on one of Lebanon’s most popular breakfast show – a show that is broadcasted live all over the Middle East. After being asked about the NGO, the meditation it promote and what were their impressions of Lebanon, our delegates guided the viewers through a short meditation and Ambika sang a very beautiful indian composition. Contrasting with the cosy sofas from the first show, this time the team was in a glossy stools in a high-tech studio full of bright lights and colors. To our great surprise, straight after the show we started receiving emails from people in Kuwait, Syria and Egypt asking us when we would come and do programs in their countries. A really successful start to the last day of the tour.


Second AUB workshop

Because our first workshop at the AUB (American University of Beirut) had been so popular, we had to change the location of our second workshop due to the high number of student and professors that had signed up to guest list. We ended up in the campus’ sports centre in a large dance studio with shiny mirrors. Even though some of the students got lost along the way, we had a very good turn out with over 50 participants. The program was very special not only because it was our last session in Lebanon, but each and every participant was truly able to experience a deep state of thoughtless awareness. Their tired and stressed out expressions all smoothed away and their faces became fresh with a peaceful, satisfied smile. We asked them to fill out our feedback questionnaire and one of the participant wrote “I now know how one can remove all the ugliness and anger in the world. I now want to practice this meditation every day”. This was a perfect testimonial confirming that what we came to do definitely worked. It worked all over Lebanon with people from all sorts of different backgrounds. It worked all the way from palestinian refugees to university professors. After three weeks of hard work, we all went back to College Mont La Salle with a great sense of satisfaction and we enjoyed one last night together before leaving, each one back to our own country.