Day 11 – Baalbeck Palestine Refugee Camp

September 11, 2011 madhu - No Comments

Another day of extraordinary events, waking up at 4am surprisingly worked really well so we could leave on time after a relaxed rehearsal . After a 3 hour bus ride from Beirut to the north east we arrived at the Palestine Refugee Camp in Baalbek. After the usual coordination delay (our driver calling the local contact and finding the right way to go to meet) we arrived at the Camp. We where invited to wait at …. Center while the sound system was set up in the hall. The hall was medium sized and the decoration from yesterdays wedding reception was still set up. After additional delays in setting up the sound system and the sound check. We were ready to start with a very joyful and extraordinary concert. The audience gathered and the program started with an Indian dance…..
The local audience, over 100 people made up mainly of children and youth, enjoyed the program very much and joined the songs by clapping and cheering. After the show the kids had the chance to meet the performing artists, which was greatly appreciated by the local girls, that used the opportunity to learn some new dance moves. The concert ended at a high with another program being arranged.