Day 13, Concert at the YMCA!

September 13, 2011 madhu - No Comments

Probably the most amazing concert so far. When we arrived, a good time earlier than we expected, we where greeted by the locals, humans and animals alike. The YMCA camp in Lebanon is great, the view is breathtaking, during day as by night.

At our arrival we where greeted by the camp Manager. She immediately invited us to stay for the night because there was a big party planed for the night. After a short discussion we agreed to stay for the night. We where offered the choice of stage, in or outdoors.
We gladly performed outside under the trees and it turned out to be one of the most amazing concerts so far. The audience was very receptive to the Meditation experience that we offered multiple times during the concert.

After the amazing concert the YMCA invited us for dinner and the night. It started with a Karaoke night and ended as party with YMCA and Meditate to Regenerate people dancing as one big group.

A huge bonfire was lighted and potato where thrown in only to be consumed at a later point.
Siting around the bonfire stories where shared and a few rounds of the “Mafia Game” where plaid.
After that we went to bed in Tents in the middle of nature.

At the next morning the stay ended with a generous breakfast, goodbyes and the desire by both parties to
stay in touch.