DAY 15 – 16 – AIE Serve and 2nd AUB program

September 16, 2011 madhu - No Comments

Yesterday we had a workshop at the head quarters of AIE Serve a youth-based organization with the goal of spreading love, respect and acceptance via increasing awareness, education and voluntary service. There were about one dozen people attending the workshop and nearly all of them were very interested in meditation and had been looking for an opportunity to try it out. Throughout the whole program we had a very peaceful atmosphere followed by many joyful chit chats with the participants and the NGO members. After the workshop we all had great fun roaming the close by streets, doing some late night gift shopping, trying out some traditional Lebanese dishes and enjoying some rare time on the Internet.

Today we finally had the awaited 2nd big program at the beautiful AUB (American University of Beirut) campus. We had sent out many invitations to different NGO’s and also handed out quit a few flyers taking the time to speak individually to any interested people about the upcoming program. We were pleasantly surprised to see how many people took the time to enjoy another amazing program with us at the end joining us on stage taking group photos with the dancers and our members. To complete the beautiful day we went to the beach in the dark enjoying the calming sounds of the ocean.