Day 7 & 8 – Ruins and Realization

September 8, 2011 madhu - No Comments

Today we went sightseeing at two very famous locations called Deir al Qamar and Beiteddine. They were incredible representations of Lebanese history and culture. We spent a few hours marveling at the structure and design of Beiteddine.
On the 8th we had our follow-up program at American University of Beirut. We had 20 people attend, mainly comprised of AUB students. The program was an hour and a half, in which we led them through a music and meditation workshop and taught them basic techniques. There was a lot of interest in learning more advanced techniques skills for coping with daily life and school stress. It was really great to meet so many Lebanese on a one to one basis and converse with them about the issues they face on a regular basis. We hope to see many of them soon.