Day 9 – Just Your Average Day at the Refugee Camp

September 9, 2011 madhu - No Comments

We woke up bright and early at 6am to prepare for our first concert at one of the biggest refugee camps in Lebanon. We were greeted with a friendly group of youth from the cultural center in the camp where we were to perform. To get to the center, we had to walk through the camp, giving us an idea of the infrastructure and quality of life that so many people have to live with.
Ten minutes before our program started a trickle of people started to flow into the hall. We had children from age 4 to adults well over 65. At about 1130 we started a performance to an audience of over 100 people from the camp. It was incredible!! We sang, danced, and meditated for an hour and a half, giving a full cultural experience to the residents. People loved the performance and were whistling and dancing along to renditions of MayaMaha and Ai Giri Nandini, to name a few. The children were so enthusiastic about the Indian dancers, they had never seen anything like this before. Their eyes were literally glued to the stage.
After an incredibly successful program we took pictures with many of the youth, and then met with all of the young volunteers who worked at the cultural center. We spent a couple hours talking with them, and then taking a tour of the camp (unfortunately, due to security measures we were unable to take pictures of this part). Nonetheless, it was an incredible experience, and we look forward to going to the next camp in a few days.