Juvenile Boys Prison & Caritas

September 17, 2011 madhu - No Comments

Day 17 – Today was definitely one of the big highlights of the tour. After hearing the exiting news the day before that we were asked to hold an interview on the Tele Liban TV channel which broadcasts to most to the Arab world we sent four of our members to the TV station. The rest of us made our way to a Juvenile boys prison that had also just recently granted our team access to their facility.

Most of the boys were between the ages 14 to 18 and were really polite and respectful and helped us with the set up. The program there was very unique and completely different to all the others we had as we didn’t have any sound system and our singing was barely audible behind the enthusiastic cheering, clapping and dancing of the audience. Even during the meditation they surprised us with their truthful effort to try reaching inner silence. So even though half of these boys were thieves or even murderers, by the end of our stay I think every single one of us had really learned to love them leaving us with tear filled eyes. By then we had already heard the news on how great the 15 minutes live interview went and that it had aired to many thousands of people.

To continue the spectacular day we drove to our next program organized with Caritas in the Odin Theater. After our set up we were completely thrown back as we peeked through the curtains to find over 400 children waiting for us on the other side even though we were only expecting about 100. The program was a real success and left all of the audience with a smiling face. To close this remarkable day we were invited to a magnificent Lebanese restaurant by the Swiss ambassador were they stuffed us with delicious traditional Lebanese dishes.