Back to School!

March 29, 2016 Neelam Kumar - No Comments

Today was not going to be the typical Tuesday most of us usually have, for it was full of surprises and bliss. After getting ready and eating breakfast, we rushed outside and got to hear that the bus which was supposed to pick us up was going to be a bit late. We ended up in the garden, playing games, while the sun and flowers were just coming out, wondering what this day was going to bring us.
When the bus finally arrived, it brought us to a school in Casablanca called Bayti, where the majority of the group was going to experience their first time of giving a workshop with M2R. We came into the school and divided the group in two. My group went into a classroom where we received about 15 children from the age of approximately 6 to 15. The workshop started with an introduction; everyone got the chance, with the help of a translator, to say their names, their favourite food, and their favourite pastimes. Here, both groups found out that children in Morocco all seem to enjoy pizza.
The workshop continued with a couple of team games, followed by a little discussion about the qualities needed to be able to work together in order to achieve a certain goal, and how this reflects in life challenges. The children gave great answers including listening to each other and working together in order to overcome problems. After the activities we had another little discussion, this time about emotions, and came to the conclusion that everyone feels angry, sad or alone sometimes. We explained that an easy and effective method in overcoming these feelings can be meditation. Then we came to the part where we meditated together with the children. It went well, most of them managed to keep their attention inside and the children were calmer afterwards. The M2R team explained how we can use meditation in our day to day lives to feel more peace and happiness from within. The last activity we did was colouring, and we asked them to colour things that made them happy. Suns, smiles, flowers and other beautiful drawings showed up.
After the workshop, the bus drove us to a restaurant where we enjoyed a nice lunch all together. We couldn’t stick around for too long, because we were to give our first concert of the tour, at the same school. The concert turned out to be a success, giving about 50 children and staff members a cultural experience including music, dance and meditation. At the time we reached the end of the concert, the audience was enjoying so much that half of them stood up to dance along to the songs being played by the M2R group. I clearly remember one little boy who must have been around the age of 6, who held his hands in the form of a heart throughout the whole concert, which was really rewarding and sweet to see. After our concert, the school felt like expressing their love and gratitude towards us and so the audience started to sing some traditional Moroccan songs for us. It is really amazing to see how people from different countries and backgrounds can come together and exchange love through something as simple as music, while all the barriers between the two groups collapse and we just enjoy together. The event ended with the audience coming forward to the M2R group to hug every single person. 
The overall day was very nice and a lot of us had, for the first time, experienced the joy of giving workshops and concerts with Meditate to Regenerate. It was a promising day, and we were all eager to find out what the tour was going to bring us in the following days.