Grassroots to International

April 8, 2016 Shu Qin Low - No Comments

Today we were invited to do a workshop with the staff members of UNICEF Morocco! Obviously this was quite exciting because of the prestige their name carries, so we spent most of the day planning out the workshop.

We took a team of six to run the session at 3 pm. The workshop was initially a little tense as there was quite a large age gap between the staff members and our group, but after a few icebreakers like the Name Game and a small scavenger hunt the tension dissipated. We then played the Number Game where the staff members managed to count to 9 collectively. One of them actually said that it would be impossible to reach our goal of 21! Then we had a meditation, and most of the staff said that they felt very calm and relaxed during the meditation. After they shared their experiences during meditation we played the Number Game again, and made it to 53! When the workshop ended they invited us for coffee and cakes at a nearby restaurant.


At 6 pm we headed over to the East Meets West Foundation where we held a multicultural concert! There were several acts including Indian classical and fusion dances, qawwalis and western song covers. We also held a small meditation halfway through the concert. The concert was quite a success – there were several bystanders crowded at the foundation gates (in addition to the seated audience) watching our performances. After the concert ended we were invited to dinner, where we had some lovely Moroccan and Italian food. Finally, at 10:30 pm we hailed some taxis and made it back home where we all got some well-deserved rest.

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