No fools this April!

April 1, 2016 Janaki Van Os - No Comments

This day started with an unexpected turn of events that really woke us up in the morning. Instead of having to leave around 12 the group who was going leafleting suddenly had to leave at 10 ‘o’clock. We learned this information while eating breakfast in our pyjamas. Suddenly the whole group had to get ready in just 10 minutes. You can imagine that everyone was running around trying to get ready in time was quite chaotic. But despite being rushed out the house in the morning we decided in the cab on the way there that we would make the best out of the day and just go with the flow.

I was a part of the leafleting team that went to the Rabat City University. The first thing we noticed was that there were almost no students to be seen. We decided to split up and go to different faculties. The group I was with went to the dental & business faculty. Since all the students were in lectures we soon discovered that standing in front of the entrance wasn’t really working. We went inside the business school and asked if perhaps we could go into a lecture to distribute the flyers. This way we could have quick access to a reach a big group of people at the same time. While waiting to get the approval, the Dean of the College came by. He was really enthusiastic about our organisation and loved what we were doing. He explained to us that unfortunately it’s not allowed to leaflet inside the university. Nonetheless he gave us the contact off the president for student associations. Grateful for his help we went back to meeting spot to meet up with the other groups.      

All of the groups had amazing experiences leafleting. Some people even wanted to try meditation right then and there on the street. They said they felt an amazing sensation on their hands and head. Some of the responses were: “Can I bring my mom?”, “I will definitely come tonight this is amazing”, “This sounds so awesome! It’s so amazing what you’re doing”.

After that we decided to head in to the city. We visited the Medina of Rabat. This was my first time actually seeing the city since we’ve mainly been giving workshops. When we arrived in the town it was prayer time. It was so beautiful to see the street next to the Mosque filled up with men bowing down in prayer. I think it’s so amazing that they have such dedication and love for their faith that they stop what they’re doing and pray collectively in the middle of the street.

The Medina is really a great place for shopping if you know where to go. Fortunately for us we had Tuomo with us to guide the way to the best shops. We bought some amazing dates, spices, argan oil, cactus oil and natural amber perfume.  

In the evening we had the program which we leafleted for. In the beginning there were almost no people. I was almost scared nobody would show up but in the end we had a great turn up. The program went really well and we all enjoyed it.

So far being in Morocco has been a really giving experience. The country, culture and food is so amazing.  Since this is my first time on a Meditate to Regenerate tour it’s a first time for a lot of things. But the crazy thing is that everything actually feels so natural to do. I’m really loving every second of it.  

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