Shifting Perceptions, Opening Hearts

April 6, 2016 Nick Tobias - No Comments

Feeling the bern of the tour so far, waking up to morning meditation required unlocking deeper reserves of energy; tapping into the universal life force which governs all living beings. Luckily, tour members have grasped this process and were able to maintain the happy smiles (fairly) frequently observed in the early hours of the Moroccan morning.



Today would see the troops split into two regiments, one marching to Casablanca to provide workshops and a concert for kids with special needs at L’Heure Joyeuse, the other to Rabat to work with students at iFIAG, a school for management and information technology. Stocked up on supplies we left the camp.

The workshops to which this author attended were at iFIAG. We had two workshops with lunch in between and got to know two sets of students interested in our cultural diversity and alternative techniques to tackle the stresses of everyday life. The first workshop went very smoothly, with some interesting reactions to the introductory meditation. Some observed a calmness washing over them as they sat in silence enjoying the stillness of the room, the inner peace so eagerly sought after. Others could feel particular sensations above their head, cool or warmth denoting the state of their subtle system. With this new awareness we were able to provide further information about this new found tool, useful for exams, work, mental silence, inner peace and ultimately to awaken a deeper connection with the other people in our lives.

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This first group were predominantly from sub-Saharan Africa whilst the evening class we hosted were a more varied group with some being Moroccans from Rabat. With a more lively atmosphere, the second workshop took a while to reach this inner peace yet once found, the workshop members really appreciated their discovery. Some who had been more vocal at the start found themselves silenced by their sheer curiosity as to what they had felt change within them during the several meditations that took place. Many felt sensations on their hands and above their heads and when more information was provided they were intrigued by this new state of being. We left with a great sense of achievement as workshops in which the guests experience a significant shift in their perception of meditation and inner peace, have garnered the most satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the other half of the team in Casablanca were enjoying an outdoor concert at L’Heure Joyeuse. It was a small concert as we were limited by time. The kids and the volunteers enjoyed it a lot and said it was a ‘day to remember’.


Both tour groups reconvened at the tour villa in the evening and a night of heart warming, affectionate speeches ensued. The tour members along with friends (both new and old) and family gathered to celebrate the core values imbibed by all in the villa; love, affection, support, harmony, truth and devotion. The legacy of the previous few weeks was outlined and cemented into the memories of all. What a night to remember.