The First Arrivals

March 26, 2016 Virat Raj - No Comments

And it starts with a bang!! With the official kick off of the tour we saw the first large group of volunteers arrive at our Villa in Shkhirat about 40kms from the Center of Rabat. Staying at an apartment in Rabat for the last few days a bunch of us were on the job meeting with potential gigs and preparing ,buying things at the Souk for our station for the next 3 weeks. There were gleaming faces full of joy on seeing the grandeur of the Villa and its proximity to the beach. Not having a lot on our plates and absolutely exhausted from the journey we just hung out around the Villa getting settled and planning ahead for the Workshop the next day and the upcoming concerts.
Full of anticipation and excitement we received another batch arriving late in the evening and ended the day on a high note , with a lot of activities planned for the next day.