The Great Gibran

April 7, 2016 Dimple Sandhu - No Comments

I think I safely speak for most in saying that this day is one of the most memorable and amazing. For many reasons.

We were all together, a coach full arrived at the start of the day to Gibran School where Meditate to Regenerate would work in groups hosting workshops to the classes of all ages, race and creed. Most students were either mixed race or where from another country. They all understood English very well, which made it easy for us since we didn’t need a translator. No French translators or awkward gestures in attempts to explains ourselves. This day was by far one of the busiest days as in total we spent it with and worked with 604 beautiful souls! That’s just under half of all those worked with in just one day. Simply amazing! We were divided into 6 groups of 6 or 7, had 3 or 4 workshops each, adding up to 21 workshops in total. That’s probably a record for the most workshops accomplished in one day!

DSC_5329 DSC_5332LUC_3860

All workshops went really well. The kids were very well behaved and were well spoken. The enjoyed the games we played with them very much and showed a real interest when it came to meditation. Usually the kids sitting in the front would ask the most questions about the different energy centers, colours, number of petals and so on. The meditations that we had together with the kids were very strong. You could really see the spark in their eyes as they opened their eyes softly after meditation.

During the five minute breaks between each workshop, the kids would follow us around with more questions and would end up hugging us. They were a very playful bunch!


About half way through the day, we setup for our concert outside for the whole school to see. Most the school was already their, waiting on the playground. We did the usual acts; songs and dances, accompanied by a another short meditation. Out in the open with the sun shining, faces beaming, dancing along. We were filled with such joy and excitement, nurtured by everyone’s energy. 

DSC_5341LUC_3913 LUC_3921

Straight after the concert, the kids came up to us wanting to shake our hands with a compliment to our work. Eventually many group hugs were formed. 

DSC_5342 DSC_5344

After a break for lunch we then got back to work with further workshops until the end of the school day. Getting to know these children was a great pleasure, and we are super happy to have spent a full day with this school. Feedback was heart felt, they insisted on a return visit to which we look forward to.