Workshops in Casablanca

April 5, 2016 Ville Kaismala - No Comments

Early in the morning, before sunrise, we woke up to the sound of music blasting from speakers. After breakfast we headed to our first program of the day in Casablanca. We split into two groups, the other going to Rabat. Following a fairly pleasant bus ride we arrived at L’heure Joyeuse, the organisation we were going to work with. It’s an organisation that helps troubled youth with difficult backgrounds with their studies or jobs. 


First we did an exercise to get to know the people who were there better, asking different questions for example: How many Moroccan cities have they visited? How many languages do they speak? We then played the number game. At first we only reached 7 or 8, even after many tries. Then we had a meditation followed by relaxing guitar music. 


After that we played the number game again and counted to 43 on the first try! It was surprising and felt great. Through meditation we became a collective force. People shared their meditation experiences, many of them tried it for the first time. One lady said she felt like being alone on the ocean, another man said he felt like he was alone with God, without any barriers. 

After a moment we started discussing in small groups about different problems we faced in our daily lives and how we could address them using meditation. My group discussed about the difficulty of helping people with different problems. It was interesting to listen to other people’s experiences and shared my own too. 


When the workshop ended we went to visit The Mosque in Casablanca. 



We then headed to Cooperative Femmes de Casablanca, an organisation where students are offered counselling. We had a great time, playing fun games like Tangled and Mirror game. We also had a meditation exercise. Right after experiencing the meditation we asked them how they felt. They replied with positive feedback. They really appreciated our time there and they described that they were feeling as if they were on a journey with us where they didn’t need to have a passport. 

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Late in the afternoon we went to the beach to swim and have a short meditation. On our way back to the villa, we met four young students who were interested in our meditation. They were curious and open minded about it, so we had another meditation with them.