All Night Concert In Istanbul – July 30th

August 4, 2010 madhu - 2 Comments

Last night our music group went to the Ortakoy Market in the middle of Istanbul to play qawwalis and other cultural performances all night long.  We came early to set up a stage with about 15 musicians, including our Turkish friends.  For 6 hours, we played qawwalis, danced bollywood and classical Indian dances non-stop.  Intermittently, one of us would stand up and tell a short experience that we had about meditation and then lead a short introductory meditation (which was all translated into Turkish).

The night was insanely fun, by the end we were surrounded by over a hundred people who were all clapping and dancing to the very famous Dam Mast Kalandar.  Then, while we were singing last song, Ali Moula, fireworks burst out across the sky giving us the perfect ending to our night.