Another 400 – Realize Turkey Day 5

August 26, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

Spent our last day in Kusdasi hanging out at the beach and catching up on much needed sleep.  At night we drove a couple hours outside the city for another night of realization.  We set up in the city square, went for a quick dinner of Pide and Ayran, and headed back to prepare for another great night.

We played for a few hours, sticking to our favorites; Jogawa, Ayi Diwali, Amhi Bhi Ghadalo, Isiliye, Mahamaya, and a few others.  While we were playing, half the group would walk around, meet the local Turkish and give them their realization.  We would regularly take a break after a couple songs or dances, where one of us would stand up and give the whole crowd their realization.  We packed up close to midnight after giving about 400 realizations.