Bhajans at Mother Mary’s House – Turkey Tour Day 2

August 17, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

The day started off brilliantly with an 8am footsoak/swim in the Agean followed by a great Turkish breakfast at the hotel.  Soon, we were all on the bus on the way to the Virgin Mary’s house in Kusadasi.  The place was packed as it was also Mother Mary’s Resurrection Day – but soon enough we were walking up a pair of steps into a simple stone house where Mother Mary used to live.  After spending some time in there we all walked outside onto the sermon area where we were told we would perform some songs in honor of Mother Mary.  They hooked us up to mikes, and pretty soon we were singing Namo Namo Maria, a Qawwali, and Binati Suniye for all of the people who had come to visit this place.

For lunch, we went to a small town of the 7 sleeping saints.  We ate in a traditional outdoor restaurant with pillows for chairs and relaxed with great food.  A little while later, the instruments were brought out and we gave a spontaneous concert for all the people at the restaurant.  After a great Bhajan session, we walked up the mountain to the dwelling of the 7 saints who were said to have slept for 200 years to avoid persecution.

Later that day we were driven to a football field in the middle of the town where a stage was being set up for us.  Some of us went out flyering and did our best to communicate with a few sentences in Turkish that we had memorized.  At 9pm people started to walk into the stands, and our concert began.  We played for a total of 4 hours, alternating between Qawwalis, Bhajans, Dances, and Guided Meditations.  At about midnight we wrapped up after having finished a great concert for around 150 people and went out for some Turkish food.