Concert for the Minister – Realize Turkey Day 7

August 26, 2010 lakshmi - No Comments

We woke up early in the morning and headed for a nearby hotel where we would have a concert for the Minister of Izmir as a thank you for hosting and sponsoring us.  He along with a good number of people came to enjoy the show.  He stayed for a few songs and his realization before he had to continue on with his work.  We gave him a huge thank you  and some flowers for taking care of our lodging, transportation, food, and almost everything else you could imagine.

After the concert, we went to a nearby street where we had a small stage set up for us.  Within minutes, we were playing qawwali after qawwali.  We were sang and danced well into the night, only stopping after midnight because the audio crew had to leave.  Even after they left we continued on with our Tour song Hallah Hallah, and eventually progressed onto messing around with the Bollywood faves.  We got back to the hotel at around 1am after giving realization to over 500 people.