Its All Over!!! – WYC Day 13

August 17, 2010 lakshmi - 1 Comment

After 2 amazing weeks the congress was finally over!!!  We started the last day of the congress with a nice 7am morning meditation (that was surprisingly attended by a good number of people considering everyone stayed up till at least 4am).  We spent the beginning of the day with the friends we had made at the Congress just hanging out.  Then, in the evening the whole congress headed to Taxim (Istanbul’s center) to march for peace to the tune of 10 ridiculously amazing marching bands and an incredible drum group from Portugal.  1500 youth from ALL over the world marched/danced for two hours surrounded by thousands of locals on either side of us filming, photographing, and shouting along with us for peace.

After that we all hung out with our friends until early morning teaching them traditional Yuva games like Bang, Wuz, Korean Rock Paper Scissors, and Mafia =)  The next morning we woke up early, said our goodbyes to our new friends, and met our Turkish hosts who would take us back to the Asian side of Istanbul where we would meet the other 40 youth for the TURKEY TOUR!!!

All in all, the Congress was a massive success!  We taught meditation to over 1200 of the most active youth in the world, held 3 widely attended workshops (health, music, education), hosted 7am meditations that were attended daily by new meditators, and gave the material resources to 750 people to meditate on their own.


2012 -WORLD YOUTH CONGRESS 6 – See you there!!!!!